Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sniffle...Cough... Aarrgh... World Record Update!

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I have the flu... or whatever viral attack that involves excessive coughing, a painful throat and bouts of fever.

Been over a week now, I haven't been able to work on any of my projects and that is really irking me. So, am not just unwell, I am highly irritable.

But, I just got a little surprise. I had taken part in the a Guinness World Record Attempt in November 2012, the record was made and for a while I hadn't heard anything about it other than some info on Malayalam newspapers which I unfortunately couldn't read.

Finally, someone got me the certificate and a little trophy that I can now flaunt and say "Hum bhi World Record holder hain".

The Certificate with a pic of the original Guinness Certificate!

The Trophy

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Drive Home...


Image Courtesy - Google Search

“You look lovely,” he said.

She smiled as she buckled her seat-belt… and whispered a thanks.

He started the car and drove silently for a few minutes… he looked at her as she sat relaxed looking straight ahead… the hint of a smile still lingering at the corners of her mouth.

“You know, in school, you were the most desired girl,” He said in a matter-of-fact way.

A sense of déjà vu washed over her… she turned to look at him, searching his eyes as she remembered another school friend telling her that she was one of the most desired girls in high-school but then he had also mentioned feeling sorry for her present. She did not want to think about it.

He hadn't noticed the question in her eyes… he was looking at the road and continued “You are smart and witty, you are intelligent… and you are pretty…”

She interrupted him, eyes narrowed “I am not pretty!” Though, she couldn't help but notice his use of the present tense.

He turned to look at her… his eyes appraising her… “You are hot!”

“Hot is not the same as pretty,” She muttered… a blush creeping up her face.

“No, hot is a package… you have an elegance and poise I haven’t seen in anyone else, and something about that reserved air around you, and the way you speak… it is mature and intelligent with a hint of innocence, makes people want to talk to you,” he smirked and added, “And don’t try to be modest… you know you are gorgeous.”

She smiled sweetly… she had heard it all before, the praise, the compliments… in college, at her first job… but they all seemed a long time ago.

He was still talking… “Your eyes…  they are ever as arresting as I remember… you know, I had a crush on you in high-school!”

She snorted… “I thought you hated me… we used to fight… remember? You even kicked me once… a painful karate kick!”

He grimaced at her words, “You weren't too bad… that punch” His fingers rubbed his jaw, remembering the pain.

She laughed a throaty laugh, “That was some punch… wasn't it? I think I was driven by the pain from your quite uncalled for kick below the belt.”

They stopped at a signal… she sensed his gaze, but kept her eyes on the signal. He said “I still think of you… I haven’t yet gotten over my crush on you!”

She turned to look at him, eyes wide with surprise… no… shock, she whispered, “But, you are married!”

He shrugged and started the car as the signal changed… “Well, you have an indelible effect!”

She was blushing at the revelation but managed to say, “Hope your wife isn't aware of your wayward thoughts.”

He felt a little uncomfortable and to change the topic he asked her, “ Didn't you have any boyfriends in college?”

She looked at him and said, “You were with me in college… what do you think?”

He clarified, “I meant, in your Engineering college?”

She smiled, “I had mostly boys as friends… didn't feel the need of a special boyfriend, besides, I did have a very close friend.”

“I remember… you rarely ever had any girls as friends… they all seemed intimidated by you.” He laughed.

“That’s not true. My best friend is a girl… you know her. And I have really good girl friends… friendships that have stood the test of time.” She said, almost petulant.

He looked thoughtful, “Your best friend? Yes, I know her… a wilful character, no-nonsense kind… quite like you, in fact!” He took a sharp breath and said, “You were always attracted to the strong types, weren't you? None of the wimpy ones for you.”

Her eyes on the road, she smiled, “The attraction is mostly mutual!” Then she turned to him and remembering something, added, “But that’s not completely true… I had other girls as friends… ‘wimpy’ ones as you call them.”

He frowned, remembering the girl. “That wasn't you being a friend… that was you protecting her! And that was one punch I enjoyed watching… he did not see that coming at all!” He laughed at the memory. “And well, he was smitten by you after that… can you blame him?”

She smirked, “Yeah…a lot good that punch did me! Did you know he would serenade me late evenings under my apartment with ‘jadoo teri nazar’ and ‘pehla nasha’? Mom did not know he was putting on the show for me though she liked how he played his guitar… and I never bothered to enlighten her. There were other girls of my age in the flats in our apartment entrance. And boy was I glad he didn't sing my name aloud… though he did sing well. I should have punched him harder, though!”

“He did sing for you onstage during the college festival… I remember, I was jealous.” He scowled and mouthed the words of the song in a mock parody, Chehra hain ya chaand khila hain…

She blushed again at the memories. It wasn't just him singing the song, some other senior had given her a mixed tape of Hindi movie songs praising her eyes.

“He was quite tenacious… wasn't he? I remember him hanging around at the college gate even after he passed out. My blood boiled at the sight of his smug face.” He said, sounding angry and irritated.

She laughed, “I never paid him any attention… and he stopped after a while; I think his father retired and they left the colony.”

“This is it… you have to turn left here… there’s my apartment,” she said.

He turned in to her driveway and stopped the car. She unclipped her seat belt and thanked him for the drive home, “You know… it was delightful meeting you after so long. Would you like to come up for a coffee?” She asked.

He closed his eyes contemplating. And images of another invitation for coffee flashed through her mind… a handsome Italian, a ride in a blue Lamborghini Gallardo, the innocent coffee invite and the rather horrifying outcome… it was a narrow escape for her. When she recovered from the unpleasant memory, he opened his eyes and said “Not today… besides it’s quite late and…” He left words unsaid… and closed his eyes again. She patted his hand as she stepped out of the car, but he held her hand and asked, “When would I see you next?”

She gently freed her hand and before closing the car door she replied, “Next time you come to India… I would like to meet your wife too.”

He smiled, “You haven’t changed a bit… have you? Always out of reach!”

She smiled back at him and waved as he backed the car out of her driveway. He blew her a kiss as he drove away… she did not reciprocate, but held the smile on her face.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Fifty Shades Trilogy


I finally dragged myself through all three books of the Fifty Shades series, after an intriguing start.

Here is my review of the much sold and much read trilogy of kinky romance.

Book 1: Fifty Shades of Grey

This book started with some promise. I thought it would be a breezy read in spite of expecting all the cheesiness most romantic novels abound in between their covers. I started off finding myself reflecting some of the feelings of Anastasia Steele, the female lead of the book and was further intrigued by the character of Christian Grey, the male lead who had a striking character resemblance to someone I happen to know quite well… of course, sans the “kinky-fuckery” of which I am not so sure and the billionaire CEO tag (He is more a millionaire investment banker).

The whole attraction to the book in my eyes was the dynamics of the relation between the lead characters, the intellectual exchange which was interesting in the beginning because it closely followed a path parallel to my life but then the book took a dive into the world of kinky and seemingly twisted sexual practices which frankly was fine if limited to a few scenes. The book soon got in to this really repetitive routine of Ana (Anastasia Steele) swooning every time Grey as much as looked at her, followed by lots of sex.

Ana’s personified subconscious with her school-marm(ish) get-up and attitude to match and her Inner Goddess, the sex diva were silly and seriously irritating additions to the flow of the story. Actually, there is no story… the flow of events would be a more apt description.

The kinship I felt with Ana in the first few pages quickly evaporated as her character dissolved into a naive, easily subdued, almost spineless young girl who got to be annoying pretty soon with her repeated “Oh my…”s… like the taped laugh-track of a sitcom!

Christian Grey… young, accomplished CEO, arrogant, with a control mania- that was interesting.
Christian Grey… Greek god, Adonis, exquisitely beautiful, “pants hanging like they did”-Just did not do it for me.

It did not help that Ana’s mantra throughout the book was his “burning eyes” “looking at me in that way” is “making my insides tighten/coil/melt” etc. Seriously… get a grip, girl!

By the end of Book 1, my opinion about Ana wasn't too favorable making me feel that her last decision was unbelievable and did not go with her character.

Because of the somewhat parallel paths the initial story takes with my life… I did ask my version of Grey to read the book… and he came up with a scathing review of it… and of course, flatly denied any resemblance… but then who wants to be compared to a control-freak, let alone be called one. :D

Though, I agree with most of his review… I do not accept that Grey could not have been smitten with Anastasia. That didn't really seem so forced considering, sometimes, shit happens… and he should know!

Book 2: Fifty Shades Darker

Even though by the end of book 1, I had realized there were no fifty shades to it, just this one shade of sex… not even that kinky if I might add… I still decided to give the next book in the series a go. After all, I paid for the whole set.

I was hoping the there would be a semblance of a story shaping up with one more book to go. Let’s just say the author might have made a less than half-hearted attempt in the few moments when she was bored with describing all the sex scenes to make up something of a plot on the fly.

Ana keeps getting worse in this book. Her reactions and her lines of dialogue, her response to Grey… everything is the same page after page after page.

After reading “my fifty”, “the way those jeans hang on his hips”, “the way he cocks his head”, “how can he make me *melt/drool/lose control/long/yearn-synonyms* with just a *word/look/touch*” and more of the like… and her super annoying “oh my” in the most obvious situations… it really got to the point that I wanted to call up the editor of the book and give him/her a piece of my mind for not throwing a book of English phrases at the author’s head! Every now and then, say in every 50 or so pages, the author would insert a long and sometimes unusual word as if she had picked it up from a handy thesaurus and it would be extremely conspicuous as the characters themselves seem surprised at the use of the word!

Grey’s character also starts to unravel in this book… from a strong and capable man to a man  unsure of himself and someone who simply uses sex to cope with anything that possesses half a challenge. But then this character change (or development if you will) is intentional and so I don’t have too many complaints about him.

Anastasia on the other hand completes her transformation from being 'almost' spineless to someone utterly lacking self-respect in this book. There are times I wished she were real so I could slap her face and tell her to stand up and face him without her knees knocking with fear and desire. Sheesh!

Book 3: Fifty Shades Freed

Wanting to be freed, I set about completing the trilogy so that I could pack the books away in some hidden corner of my shelf and stop berating myself for spending on them.

Book 2 had a couple of moments that were different from the ‘Eat-sleep-fuck-will you fucking eat?-roll eyes-kinky sex’ routine which continues in to Book 3. We do see more of the family getting involved in the story line. And at times Anastasia showed some sparks and I kept hoping she would redeem herself. She almost does in some rare moments and when I got all my hopes high… it just went downhill when she is again enticed into Grey’s bed making her forget all else. Again, I had this urge to punch her nose in and tell her go fuck Grey… so that she could get over that too.

When finally, Ana actually does something remotely successful in improving her lot as a believable character the book is almost at its end. And here I kept hoping it would end sooner… but it nevertheless dragged a further 50-70 pages or so more with nothing to offer except… naah… seriously nothing at all!

And... there are some other weird plot-holes... but then like I said, the whole plot seemed to be a filler for all the sex!

All in all… am so done with 50 shades of madness!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

And the Liebster goes to…


So… I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. After a few searches on Google and after visiting the blog of Ashish who nominated me, I found that it is a blogger to blogger award. Well, looks like a few people actually read my blog. And here I thought I was just using my blog as some sort of public diary!

The Liebster blogger has to follow a certain protocol if nominated… the instructions being:
  • Post 11 things about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions set by the nominator.
  • Choose 11 deserving bloggers meeting the criteria.
  • Set 11 questions for them.
  • Inform the nominee by commenting on one of their posts.
Without further ado… I start with the first objective in the protocol…

11 things about myself.

Whoa… that’s kind of difficult, I have been rushing through life without ever doing a figurative pirouette in front of my mind’s mirror. Anyway, here’s what I can come up extempore.
  1. For a little background, I am an Electrical engineer, all high voltage… and shocking to say the least.
  2. I am hyper-imaginative… spinning fantastic worlds in my head, which I often reside in…. and sometimes write about.
  3. I hate cooking and sewing even though I am in awe of people who can do them without losing patience.
  4. I love, love, love cars… I am crazy about them… I would want nothing more than be locked up in a showroom full of supercars… maybe with a little drive-circuit attached… and a library; which brings me to the next point…
  5. I am mad about books. I read like it is gonna go out of fashion in a day. I have an ever growing library with some 500 books at the moment.
  6. There has been a recent change in my attitude… from being a cynical girl who mocked love and relationships, I have turned in to a romantic. Though my idea of romance has nothing to do with hearts, flowers, cuddly toys and candy or the colours red and pink.
  7. I like poetry… and I am a big fan of sher-o-shayari. Ghalib to Gulzar to the Nawaab… poetic words and ghazals can sweep me off my feet.
  8. I have a huge tolerance for all kinds of music. Metal, hard rock, soft rock, pop, R&B, reggae, hip-hop, classical, alternative… I have ears for them all.
  9. I do creative art… painting both traditional and digital, illustrations and sketches.
  10. I work as a freelance architect / interior designer and graphic artist… in my spare time.
  11. Travel and dreams of wanderlust inspire me… if I could afford to I would backpack across the world soaking in the beauty, culture and cuisine of this planet.

Answers to 11 questions set by the nominator:

  • Who is your favourite author?
Keeps changing… at the moment it is Wilbur Smith.
  • What is your profession?
I am at the moment between jobs. Taking a break to let my creative flux take over. Otherwise, I am an engineer. I also freelance as an architect/designer/graphic artist.
  •  Apart from blogging, your hobby?
Reading, sleeping and dreaming! 
  • How many hours do you spend on blogging?
Not as much as I would like to.
  • What/who inspired you to write?
Pure ennui!
  • Do  you feel, you could be a writer in the near future?
Self-improvement is a continuous process… so yes… definitely yes.
  • Choose one: Money or Fame. Why?
Fame. Money is easy. Fame leaves a legacy.
  • Are you socially active?
Not as much as I used to be. These days my social interactions have honestly become limited to social media.
  • What came first egg or the chicken?
Technically, the egg… if Darwin is right, life started as a single cell and the egg is a single cell in its humblest form.
  • Why is the word dictionary in the dictionary?
 To give it meaning! :D
  • Why is Liebster award so obsessed with the number 11?
It is the Goldilocks number! :D

11 bloggers I think are interesting… in no particular order:

  1. Harish Rao
  2. The Nawaab
  3. Deepa Duraiswamy
  4. Mathew Jacob
  5. Ashish
  6. Debajyoti Ghosh
  7. Aniket Jha
  8. Blogwati Gee
  9. Amit Agarwal
  10. Saru Singhal
  11. A Homemaker's Utopia

11 questions for the bloggers.

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. A favourite quote and why?
  3. What’s your greatest pet peeve?
  4. What’s that one thing you appreciate the most?
  5. Productivity or Creativity? What’s more important to you and can the two be combined?
  6. Are you a day-time person or a creature of the night?
  7. What does the word ‘Speed’ remind you of?
  8. How long have you been blogging?
  9. What’s your poison?
  10. Do you have nickname (not a pet-name) and why are you called that?
  11. The topic / category / label you find yourself blogging the most about?

Scary Or Die


Clowns are scary. Long before I got acquainted with Pennywise in It by King, as a young kid in the circus audience, I have found clowns creepy. The heavy make-up and the slapstick… they just make me wanna hide for cover. Though, I wouldn’t say I am coulrophobic, I am assuredly not a fan of clowns. So, quite naturally I was intrigued by the poster above and decided to check the movie out. That’s one scary clown and what better than a horror movie that plays upon a hidden fear of yours.

Sometime in to the movie, I realized that it was an anthology of horror stories and not a single start to end fright flick.

** Here be spoilers **

The movie, Scary Or Die starts with desktop screen open to a website ‘’ which I now understand to be the movie’s website. Duh! The website looks like a collection of videos, presumably of a scary variety going by the site name. There is a female hand (the rest of the body is off screen) on a computer mouse surfing the site… and she clicks on a video titled ‘The Crossing’. The view shifts to the story unfolding in real-time…

The Crossing: It is a story about a guy, Buck (Bill Oberst Jr.), his sidekick Keith and Buck’s girlfriend Connie. They are out in what seems like a road trip to Arizona in a battered pick-up truck. Buck is a brooding sort of guy and Keith is disgusting. It turns out that Buck (and Keith) hate Latinos and have taken it upon themselves to cleanse America of Mexican immigrants. Connie ends up being an unwitting accomplice to the murder of a Mexican father and son duo (legal immigrants) who were tied, gagged and bundled up in the pick-up and driven down to the Arizona-Mexico border where many an illegal crossing takes place… and where they are summarily executed by Buck and Keith. Connie is horrified of the act and understandably shaken. The crossing is covered by litter strewn by the immigrants and there are graves marked by crude wooden crosses. The graves seem to be the previous work of Buck and Keith. While Keith in his inebriated condition pisses on a grave, the jar of moonshine he had been drinking from topples over and seeps in to the grave. This seems to trigger a caustic reaction and quite unexpectedly we have a Mexican zombie uprising on the screen. The two guys and Connie are attacked and the zombies have their revenge on the men while Connie escapes only to be shot down by two border patrol men who assume her to be a stray zombie.
Cut back to the desktop screen and hand on the mouse. This time the hand seems a bit pale and the skin a tad flaky. The cursor on the screen moves to click on another video titled Taejung's Lament.

Taejung's Lament: Taejung (Charles Rahi Chun) is a Korean guy with some kind of mental torment as seen from the listless, lost way he goes about his evening. We learn that his wife has passed away and he seems to still be stuck at a point where he hasn’t been able to move on and forget his wife (he has made a shrine to her in his bedroom) and his attraction to other beautiful women in whom he sees reflected his wife. His wife appears as a guardian spirit of sorts, unseen by him, watching him and hoping he would move on. One evening, he witnesses a pretty Korean girl (Alexandra Choi) being abducted by a man in a trench-coat (Azion Iemekeve). Determined to save the girl, Taejung manages to hitch his iPhone to the abductor’s car and tracks it with his MacBook. He arrives at where the car appears to have stalled and finds the kidnapper, by the waterfront, about to stab the unconscious girl through her heart with what appears to be a screwdriver. Using a nearby brick Taejung knocks the kidnapper out and rescues the girl and drops her off at her residence. There he learns that she is an illegal immigrant and therefore cannot report the incident to the police… though she says that she feels that she’s been in LA for an eternity. She hands him a note asking to meet her next Friday for a private party and has signed the note as Min-ah. Taejung returns to his forlorn routine but his wife’s spirit seems to want him to get on with life and she sees to it that Min-ah’s note catches his attention. He decides to take up the invitation and goes over to meet her with a bunch of roses. Unlike the first story clip, where I wasn't expecting the zombie twist and was surprised by it, this story is pretty predictable. While the girl was being rescued I had the feeling she isn't exactly going to turn out an innocent victim… especially with the kidnapper trying to kill her almost ritualistically. As it turns out, while Taejung is with Min-ah in her apartment, surrounded by other pretty Asian women… someone seems to be picking out the apartment security guards one by one… stabbed through the heart with the screwdriver. Then we see that this man in a trench coat, our previous kidnapper, has returned and seems to be the one killing the guards. He places his quite ancient looking leather bag down and opens it to pick another one of his weapon of choice…and quite obviously now it is apparent that he is a vampire hunter and that Min-ah is a vampire. To clear all doubts, there is a string of garlic pods in his bag. The unexpected twist in the story happens when he closes the buckle flap of the bag and we see that the bag belongs to Van Helsing! :) 

See the Min-ah connection… I think she is based on Mina Harker!

Note: There is a scene in which Taejung is walking through a tunnel with his MacBook while tracing his phone and on the opposite side of the road there’s a woman walking in a very zombie-like manner. It caught my eye (as I am sure it was intended to) because she drags her feet as she walks. The appearance is fleeting but I was reminded of the Mexican zombies and so took note thinking there might be some connection.

Back to the hand on the mouse which seems to progressively rot… skin is flakier and the flesh has taken on a somewhat blue tinge… and the next video is clicked. This one’s called Re-membered.

Re-Membered: The next story is not at all impressive. The walking woman makes a fleeting appearance again at the beginning of the story, blending into the background. The story is about a guy who seems to be a hitman. He appears to have hacked up some fellow, stuffed his remains in to a duffel bag and stashed the bag in the boot of his car and is out to dispose it off. He appears nervous and keeps glancing into the rear-view mirror as if expecting to see someone pop up in the back-seat. At this time we do not know that he has killed someone; that comes later. His nervousness and what appears to be some sort of knocking from the car’s boot makes him swerve while driving and is promptly pulled up by a passing cop car. The cop comes out to check on him and he almost escapes the cop by blaming his swerving on being preoccupied by his job issues… the cop’s about to leave when he too hears the knocking sound from the boot. The cop asks him to unlock the boot which he very nervously does. Here the movie flashes back to let us know about the murder, and how he packs the body in a duffel bag and puts it in his car… there is also a keychain shown which has a Necromancy symbol, that seems to belong to the victim. The hitman leaves a note next to the keychain for whoever ordered the kill asking him to leave the money there as his job is done. Back to the now… while the cop goes to the back of the car to check, the hitman opens his glove compartment and pockets a revolver. The cop returns signalling all ok and lets him leave. Intrigued and ever more nervous, the hitman stops his car further ahead and checks the trunk… the duffel bag is empty and the necromancer key chain and his note is all that remains. The note has an additional bloody scribble that reads “you cannot kill me”. Nervously, the hitman gets back in to the car and is horrified to see his victim (all sewed up, re-membered and undead) sitting next to him… he scrambles out and looks again to find that he is alone. As he searches around for his victim, the necromancer gets him from behind.
This one like Taejung’s Lament was downright predictable…and unlike the Van Helsing twist, had no little surprise.

The hand on the mouse is clearly undead now… and we move to the next story ‘Clowned’.

Clowned: So, finally… here is where I would see the scary clown from the movie’s poster. This story is also the longest of the anthology. It has a first person voice over… which somewhat takes away from the scary part. I mean… if you want someone to be scared there is no point in explaining to the person what to expect. Once again the walking woman puts in an appearance but this time she is not dragging her feet all zombie-like… and turns out to be Shannon Bobo… though she has no relevance to the current story. There is this guy Emmett (Corbin Bleu) and his wife Kelly (Elizabeth Di Prinzio) who are out on the beach with Emmett’s kid brother Andy who Emmett in the voice over tells us he loves above everything else and would do anything for. Emmett and Andy are playing with a red beach-ball which rolls out under the pier and Andy runs over to get it; under the pier, he encounters a shadow and a child’s crying voice and immediately runs out scared. Emmett does not seem to pay any attention to Andy’s account of the crying child. Returning from the beach, we see a connecting element with 'The Crossing' clip… the guy outside Emmett’s house doing the landscaping is the Mexican immigrant shot dead by Buck in the first movie. Sort of sets the chronology of the clips. Andy’s birthday party has a clown invited to provide entertainment and he seems reluctant to leave after the party. Emmett finds him foraging in their refrigerator and bodily pushes the clown out of the house, in the struggle, the clown bites Emmett on his leg… with filed teeth. Kelly rushes to help him up and binds up the wound with antiseptic. The bite seems to cause Emmett a lot of trouble…and seems to slowly change him. He informs the cops about the clown and two cops are assigned to look for the clown. One of the cops is our hitman from 'Re-membered' and that seems to put the story of 'Clowned' as the first in the series of events. Emmett finds himself having weird dreams about Andy in trouble and also finds that his body is changing. His face takes on a painted appearance and he realizes he is turning in to a clown. He also seems to crave for Andy… in a hungry, cannibalistic way… and this scares him more than anything else. He decides to run away from home to protect Andy from himself. Kelly finds out she is pregnant with Emmett’s baby (which was conceived after Emmett was bit) and she is desperate to find Emmett and tell him. Emmett, now completely turned in to the scary clown in the poster, is leading a hobo's life… and is struggling to keep himself away from Andy. He finally makes the policemen shoot him to save Andy. Kelly gives birt to Emmett's baby and as expected, the baby apparently looks like a clown... and has huge clown feet. The viewers don't see the baby... only the huge feet.

Trivia: Emmett and Kelly… the names have a significance… Emmett Kelly was a well known circus performer who created the clown ‘Wearie Willie’. The appearance of Wearie Willie is quite similar to Emmett’s scary clown in the movie’s except for the scary face.

This brings us to the wraparound story that is supposed to connect the other stories of the anthology. And by far, I find it the weakest story of the lot.

Lover Come Back: The wraparound story is about this unnamed woman Shannon Bobo who is madly in love with a guy… and they seem to be happy and content with their married life. This story too has a voice over by the woman. The love story falls apart when her husband starts cheating on her and abusing her physically and mentally. As a child, the woman’s grandfather gave her a talisman of undying love which she always wears around her neck… Her 'grandpere' believed that she deserved to always have love. When her husband attacks and kills her and then dumps her body in a trunk in the woods… the talisman proves to be a sort of curse. She returns from the dead and is ever on the search for her husband who she still loves and hopes to be with. And that is how we see her dragging along in some of the frames in all the previous stories. She finally finds her husband making out with another women in his car… and attacks him… presumably killing him and so uniting with him in her undying love for him. Also, it is revealed that it is her hand on the mouse that we see surfing the website and playing the videos one after the other. The movie ends with her finally shutting the door on the viewers’ face.

The story could have been so much better. it felt like a patchy effort at the best.

The movie on the whole was fun to watch with my bro and me trying to link the stories… but in the end it fell short of what we expected. There was no solid connection… no real satisfaction after watching it. But, it wasn't totally bad… it had is good moments in ‘The Crossing’ and ‘Clowned’… the little twist of Van Helsing in an urban world in an otherwise predictable ‘Taejung’s Lament’ and then it had the less than perfect, almost bad stories of ‘Re-membered’ and the wraparound story ‘Lover Come Back’.

Bottom line: It is not unwatchable. The performances are not bad.

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