Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bucket List!

Things I keep telling myself I need to do:
  1. Get a job that involves travel, a lot of it.
  2. Never have to return to India except on tours and visits.
  3. Find a country where I can stay in peace and start life afresh.
  4. I don’t want to be a good girl and never ‘finish’! (*Edited because Mom does not approve of my original statement.)
  5. Realize that sex is, after all, overrated (*Edited for the same reason as # 4).
  6. Paint and sell at least one of my paintings.
  7. Write anything and everything that comes to my mind on this blog without bothering about consequences.
  8. Avoid getting my heart torn to shreds or tossed aside without a second glance or thought.
  9. Stop being emotionally involved in relationships. Two heartbreaks… love is overrated too!
  10. Befriend Johnny Depp.
  11. See if I can disregard # 9 for him.
  12. Rent a car… drive around the European countryside.
  13. Splurge on Christian Louboutins… luxury for my feet.
  14. Live in a library.
  15. Get a good architect to design a cliff-side house and design its interiors.
  16. Live in it for a while and come back to my senses.
  17. Drive a Veyron.
  18. Get an Italian to give me a ride in his Lamborghini… this time take up his ‘offer’!
  19. Sleep on a beach at night.
  20. Skydive.
  21. Scuba dive.
  22. Visit Africa… get a brave fellow to take me out on a hunt…. Alone.
  23. Have 'fun' in a pyramid or on the sand dunes of the Sahara under the moonlight. Refer # 10.
  24. Take a hike through jungles of the Congo… and pretend I am an explorer.
  25. Eat the local street food at the places I visit.
  26. Stay at some of the top hotels in the world… a night at least.
  27. Visit as many amusement parks as I can. Ride in as many rides as I can stomach.
  28. Learn to bake.
  29. Visit an 'exotic' pub… alone… stay till the last performance for the day is over.
  30. Live in a loft or pent-house of a really tall skyscraper for a year (or for one full cycle of seasons.)
  31. Learn Ikebana
  32. Sing, record my renditions, play them loud and scare the neighbors.
  33. Own a huge collection of perfumes.
  34. Own a huge collection of books. And shoes. And bags. And earrings!
  35. Learn to sail.
  36. Speak Spanish like a senorita.
  37. Stargaze.
  38. Watch a live F1 race.
  39. Have a fist fight with someone.
  40. Go on a long cruise.
Well, even at my age I have had to edit the post because it offended my parents... So much for # 7. And I am compelled to add...
  • Die, at least, without requiring my parents' permission.

In no particular order, these are some of the things which would make me feel alive. And I know I should begin ticking them before life runs out.


  1. That's a wonderful list Murali..:-) All the best girl..:-)

  2. Hey... Thank you! And yes... I need the best wishes... Quite a list to complete. :D

  3. That's really nice...Im 18 and working on my B list...I could actually steal one or two from yaa :)


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