Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Short-Lived Spring

A short-lived spring…
They are the kind that leaves behind a bereft you. No amount of rain can cool you nor can the summer sun warm you. 

A spring in which you weave fine gossamer dreams, a spring that thawed the ice in your heart, frozen by winters dark and cold. You wanted it to be spring forever… but seasons change. Time turns its rusty wheels and somewhere between its dirty cogs a dream got crushed.
My spring lasted a month. The tighter I tried to hold on to it against the odds, the faster it slipped away. An unpardonable mistake, hearts that hurt… a wound that cut deep... a short tragic legacy. The best four weeks of my life...and an abrupt end.

There are tears waiting to roll down & a lump in the throat. Even the tears hesitate... rolling down the cheek would be too easy.
I clicked a picture, today... the first in four weeks (yes... a bit ironic now)… and now I have just that… a beautiful memory to cherish.

Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai
aaj phir aap ki kami si hai  
Dafn kar do humein ki saans mile
nabz kuch der se thammi si hai  
Koi rishta nahin raha, phir bhi
ek tasveer laazmi si hai

Miss you. I am sorry!


  1. At times, it is best just to let things be.

    At times, it is better to just listen and not speak.

    At times - silence... is all one needs.

  2. Silence has cost me a lot before...
    Don't wanna give up without a fight this time... But, don't know who I am fighting here.


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