Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Aural Intoxication!

Intoxicated by the voice... on a high ever since I first heard it over the phone...
There is depth and a poignance and then there is a hint of masti... a bit of impish humor and don't know about others but when the Nawaab Saheb speaks to me... there is love in his voice.

I could listen to his voice for hours... never get bored of it. That he never speaks anything but sensible, intelligent stuff is an added bonus. But, the fact is that had he been saying absoute gibberish... I would still be mesmerized... still be enthralled and still would be totally swayed.

Hum par toh inki aawaaz ka nasha chaaya hua hain...

Here's a piece from Sharaabi in his...ufff... breathtaking voice.

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